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Monday, August 29, 2011

The summer of awesomeness.

It has been awhile since we talked about our lives. I think having an infant may have something to do with having the ability to update more often...

Graydon continues to be our joy. Not that I am surprised. His smiles heal my heart and make me beam with pride. I am one lucky mama to be able to parent this boy. He is changing so much every day. I love watching him learn, and do new tricks. He is crazy close to rolling over, but it still might take awhile. Since, well, he has a lot of weight to roll with him. He loves to smile, talk loudly, and be just in a diaper. I fear we might have a very energetic child on our hands. It is a good thing we have been working out, so we can keep up with him.

This summer has been everything we have dreamt it would be. The three of us have traveled to and through so many states, and have showed our little boy off to almost all of our family. It melts my heart to see how quickly people fall for this guy. We showed Grady the mountains of North Carolina, while showing him off to our family, and spent time with grandparents and special friends in Ohio. We celebrated (with lots of family) a cousins first year of life, and said a special goodbye to my Dad. We visited a self proclaimed favorite aunt and uncle in Indiana, went to summer camp in Pennsylvania, a youth rally in Kentucky, a friends house in Arkansas, and visited cousins (and their parents) in Louisiana. Then we spent time with friends from Texas, and, finally, sent my little sister off to college. It was packed. It was beautiful. And it made us feel filled.

Now, onto another school year! 


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