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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Same <-> Different

Camp Judson has been a bright spot in our summer for many years now. (And many years before that for David) We were handed the director titles from two amazing people, and this year will make our 5th year. We love planning, dreaming, and participating in camp. This year will make it interesting with an infant, but I have a good feeling we will have LOTS of help.
We decided to post the theme on our blog because, well, it is public, and we wanted to get it out there. This year camp will be August 7-12. It is a little later, but still falls the first actual week of August. 
We often sit and reflect on our year when coming up with ideas for camp. Whether it is selfish or not, we like the theme to reflect the overtones of our year. This time, we struggled to find one that didn’t scare off the younger crowd. We are broken, and we are hurting.  We have had our darkest moments in the earliest parts of this season.
Then came April, and we watched the birth of our son. It was our “spring.” Where God makes all things new. God was able to take the broken parts of our hearts and start to make them whole again. He turned our mourning into dancing.
But that dancing doesn’t mean we are done mourning. We are just learning to dance in the rain. We are still allowing Jesus to pick up every hurting part of us and put them back together again.
Now for the reason for the theme. We chose it because with each change from our year, we kept saying everything is the same, yet everything is different. The world still looked exactly the same, yet we were in our dark corner, trying to just breathe.
We said goodbye suddenly to our close friend. This made everything different. We said goodbye to my dad, watching as he took his last breath. This made everything different. And we welcomed our son into the world. This made everything different.
Above all, we are reminded of a man that died on a tree many, many years ago. This made EVERYTHING different.
And yet, everything is still the same. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He was there in the woods when Jeremy’s heart failed, and he was there when we first breathed the word, cancer, in relation to my dad. He was there when our birthmom gave us our son. And He is here. Right here, right now.
We are praying this week will be a powerful one. We are continually healing, and we know that all of us find ourselves in very different places. Whether in a peak or a valley, we celebrate that He made everything different.

So, who wants to come? (Cue smile)


ME!!!! Oh how I'd love love love to be back there! I'm in such a different place now than I've ever been before, at judson. Same and different!
Love the theme!
Kim Hobbs Johnson

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