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Monday, October 18, 2010

Now We Wait

“So, what’s next?” is what people have been asking. Well, I’ll tell you. At the beginning of September we were officially approved to adopt a child domestically. With our home study complete, we spent time printing off pictures and pasting them into a folded piece of cardstock that the adoption agency printed for us (This with help from Kara and Stephanie – thanks gals!!) In our last post, we shared that profile with you.

Now we just have to wait to be chosen as adoptive parents by a birth mom. The old system used to be that they would have a list of families waiting to adopt, and they would just go down the list in matching moms with adoptive families. This in a sense stripped birth mothers of their right to have a choice in their child’s future. Instead, the current method gives the power back to the birth mom by allowing them to choose from a group of potential adopters. This pool of couples that is shown is based on certain criteria that moms emphasize. Maybe she wants a certain level of openness, or wants religion to play an important role. Whatever it is, the agency then goes and checks her desires against ours, and depending if it’s a match or not, our profile is then shown to them.

So, that’s it! Now we wait. We receive monthly updates from our caseworker at Adoption Associates about how many times our profile has been shown. And because we’re impatient, we e-mailed her a little early and found out ours has been shown once. How exciting is that! So, we weren’t chosen, but we’re thrilled that we were shown because some people go months upon months without being shown.

There's much more to come! We're excited to share pictures of the nursery, shots of our african safari in Ohio, and so much more.