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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well...We Finally Started a Blog

Despite every fabric of our being screaming “no”…

Despite the extreme disparity of David’s communication skills…

Despite our best efforts not to…

We’ve started a blog.


We wanted a way to keep friends and family informed of what’s going on in our lives.  As our journey through infertility and our adventure into adoption has ensued, we’ve realized that our mass e-mails unintentionally leave people out.  We don’t wish to leave people out of the loop and hopefully through this site, fewer people will be. We hope this blog will be a central location to post a record of some of the major events (and/or our “baby” steps) in our lives.  (Note: Lara would not approve of the above play on words and will probably be shaking her head when she reads this).

Secondly, this blog may connect us to a potential birth mother wanting to create an adoption plan for her child.

We know God has plan for us to become parents.  This plan is different from what we thought it would be, but not all that different from what we’ve dreamed it to be.

More thoughts to come.

- David -


Thanks for including me in your journey. I am already praying for the child who will enter your home and your hearts. You will be great parents.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I miss hearing from your hearts being so far removed from you guys physically. This blog helps us move a bit closer to your hearts. Blogs are annoying because you share something of yourself, and it feels a bit haughty to think that others want to hear what I have to write. But we do want to hear, and see pictures, and know what to pray for. You are in ours!

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